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True Lives: Cycling 10,000 Miles in Europe

249 Pages
ISBN 0 9530330 3 1
Illustrations Sean Borodale

Out of Print.

Who are the Europeans? Six different journeys and a year in the saddle...What do you find? Intelligent chickens, 21st century urban misfits, shadows of the Holocaust, broken dreams, love stories, cautionary tales for pilgrims. You find Europe on the move. See it here - the grass-root millennium for techno-peasants. Adult non-fiction, in its second reprint.

'Some books are like express trains. You start reading and find that you are hurtled along in the story and can't put it down until the end of the journey. This one is a cycle tour, not only of Europe, but also of the author's memories. the two are interlinked throughout. It is a slow journey through many time zones, to be enjoyed at leisure.

'One place links the narrative - an old signal box somewhere in the Somerset countryside - smothered in ivy. The author remembers a particular childhood event which occurred there, and intersperses the memories with extracts from his journals during his extensive travels in Europe. The result is a pot-pourii of people, animals and places, which leads the reader into a gripping childhood mystery...

'Along the way he touches on many topics of interest to Glastafarians, from spiritual pilgrimage to permaculture, from Auschwitz to wildlife, and always the feeling of being beyond national boundaries, together as human beings searching for meaning and what makes a satisfying life. The reader is left with the impression that he probably met this man somewhere, that he has been down the same roads...An uplifting and thoughtful memoir.' —Free State.

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