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Travelling At Home

212 Pages
ISBN 09530330
Illustrations Sean Borodale; Photographs by Robert Palmer


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Makes up a trilogy of intimate travel taking long looks at the ordinary amazing world of landscapes, moments in them, people and their stories. The texts—written on the hoof and as cycle travel—are arranged by meaning. They chart a mythical day of dawn, day, dusk and night. It's a rural odyssey facing the city, at turns intimate, humorous, poetic, with unsparing realism. It celebrates the enduring lives of land workers, the private interiors, the still lives in nature. This is contemporary English travel writing at the cutting edge and includes photographs of the author's totem sculptures.

'A rare gift with words coupled with a seer's gift …Establishes himself as our own slightly dotty but sympathetic and engaging Everyman…In his humour, and above all in his self-forgetting delight in the exceptional ordinariness of others, we feel Peter Please to be someone alive to his time.' —John Moat

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