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The Little Big Step (Away)

146 Pages
ISBN 0 9530330 0 7
Illustrations by Val George


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'Tell me seriously. Can damaged plants grow? Well can they?' Down in the garden all is not roses. The children start off with their own gardens, but soon jealousies, strange friendships and gang rivalries rub raw their past lives exposing the rifts between them. This gritty and poetic novel about rites of passage brims with black humour, sharply observing the characters and nature. It is based on the author's real-life experience as a therapeutic gardener with emotionally disturbed children. Teenage/adult

'The author understands how children, especially those with difficulties, react in ways which are incomprehensible for many of us. In this novel he gives an insight into their world through the familiar landscape of the garden.' —Director of Horticultural Therapy, in Growth Point.

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