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Git's Gita (The Song of the Old Fool)

290 pages with 13 black and white sculpture illustrations by the author.
ISBN 978-0-9530330-8-9
197mm x 127mm


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Max Allington happily admits that he is living a life of dreams. He says that he is making up for the hard lives of his forebears. He is half poet / half rogue / half literate / half nobody—that doesn't add up but neither does Max.

He is walking a beautiful, arid coastline and thinking of his estranged daughter. She must be coming closer, he reasons. He will keep the promise he made and tell her the story of his life. He remembers 13 moments. They are his life.

Git's Gita is a novel set between two landscapes—a contemporary Greek coastline and a small farm in post-war England. As Max tilts at the childhood stories he told his daughter, he considers again the soap opera of his life, his chequered loves, the dead badger he found on the wayside. There has to be a way forwards, but first Max must live his life backwards.

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