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Clattinger: An Alphabet of Signs from Nature

48 pages/198mm x 238mm
ISBN 978-0-9530330-7-2
Published in an edition of 150 with a block printed cover by the artist, Sean Borodale.


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This is a celebration of that near vanished type of grassland, the hay meadow. The book grew out of many visits to Clattinger Farm in North Wiltshire, a SSSI nature reserve where I was writer-in-residence for two years, sponsored by English Nature. This a playful book of poetic sketches – prose poems – my own sing/sign/signature of nature. Of 26 new words (with their meanings) to record what I found. There just aren't enough words to describe the inside moments of our lives – yet all the time I have been looking at the real world of what's in front of me. The graffiti is developed from my inscrutable handwriting. I exaggerated it until it had a life of its own. The book is a hybrid between the digital printing technology and hand-stitched papers and cover. An arty feel, yet accessible and friendly to open and read.

'...Clattinger is quite an extraordinary and complete thing.' —John Moat, co-founder of the Arvon Foundation



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