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The Chronicles Of The White Horse (Findhorn)

154 Pages
ISBN 0 905249 57 7
Illustrations Caroline Waterlow


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The extraordinary mole sleuth of the underworld takes on a new apprentice - and more than he bargained for - in this British mystery thriller set against the ancient landscape of The Ridgeway and the Uffington white Horse. For children of all ages.

'An unexpected discovery...a beautifully crafted piece of writing composed with care and affection. A story that springs from the author's own sense of the strength and rightness of the ways of the natural world, the land, its creatures and seasons. It is both a fantasy and a philosophy. Conventionally the magical adventures of a small boy who becomes a wise mole's apprentice in a fight against shadowy terrors would be a book for under tens, but Please writes at his own pace, one best savoured by older readers willing to linger over subtleties before the real excitement of the climax. For them, it's pleasure all the way, from the portrayal of the ancient downscape of the Ridgeway and the White Horse to the little song surprises that pop up. These bring a new dimension to the work for a child or adult…the combined package displays an unusual, attractive and original talent.' —The Guardian

'Holds the promise of becoming this year's companion to the Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland.' —Berkshire Mercury

This book was shortlisted by The Guardian for its Commonwealth literature award for children.

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